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One bottle of Immunotrax Hair & Scalp (Alopecia Areata) – 60 capsules, Polypodium Leucotomos – standardized 50:1 250mg , Biotin B7 1% 50mg, Horsetail 4:1 50mg.

  • Protects your skin from the inside out

  • Extraordinary antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties 

  • Dermatologist recommended

  • 100% organic, free of gluten and GMO

  • No known side effects

  • 2x more powerful than the leading competitor

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Alopecia (hair loss), comes in different patterns of both natural, illness and drug interaction related hair loss.

While the most common type of hair loss (male-pattern baldness) has no real treatment, other types of alopecia areata (Also totalis and universalis), are due to a malfunction of the immune system,  where T-cell lymphocytes cluster around hair follicles, causing inflammation and subsequent hair loss.

This type of alopecia typically presents itself as round or oval bald patches, most commonly in the head and beard, but it can affect any area of the body where hair is present. Therefore, Immunotrax Hair & Scalp Pills and Supplements are specifically formulated to avoid these issues and improve hair growth.

Immunotrax Hair and Scalp formula works from the inside out to maintain a healthy T-cell immune system response that could otherwise affect the natural strength and development of the hair follicle, as is the case in alopecia areata.

The benefits go beyond immune system support. This powerful blend regulates normal levels of keratin & collagen in order to foster an environment where healthier, stronger hair, nails and skin is possible.

Immunotrax’s Polypodium Leucotomos extract efficacy has been tested and studied by American and international renown institutions such as Harvard Medical School, with findings published in the American Academy of dermatology, National Academy of Sciences of the USA, The European Academy of Dermatology, etc.

At Immunotrax we take in consideration individual body mass when recommending dosage for best results.

Weight Daily Dosage
50 – 110 1 capsule
110 – 150

2 capsules (morning & afternoon)

150 – 220+

3 capsules (2 morning & 1 afternoon)

For best results, take on an empty stomach at least half hour before meals.


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