Immunotrax Pigment Protection and PUVA or Light Therapy for Vitiligo

If you’re currently treating vitiligo with UV light therapy, you absolutely need to add Immunotrax Pigment Protection to your daily regime.

Whether it’s PUVA, Narrowband, Excimer laser or other types of light therapy (phototherapy), Immunotrax PP is the perfect treatment companion to help you achieve faster better results.

Below are a few reasons why.

Increases Efficacy of Light Therapy

When you combine the immunomodulatory effects of Immunotrax Pigment Protection with UV therapy (phototherapy), you can achieve faster repigmentation and in larger areas, resulting in a reduction in the total number of sessions needed, effectively saving you time and money.

Vitiligo in Hands

Reduces the Chances of Hyperpigmentation.

If you’re using psoralen for your UV treatment, you know that one of the main side effects is too much repigmentation (hyperpigmentation) in the surrounding areas being treated, sometimes making the contrast even larger. Immunotrax PP formula reduces the sensitivity of UV radiation, providing an additional layer of protection against hyperpigmentation.

hiperpigmentation - melasma

Reduces the Chances of Melanoma due to UV Radiation.

The release of free radicals and DNA damage is one of the negative effects of prolonged UV exposure.  Immunotrax PP active ingredients are clinically proven to attenuate changes in DNA and protect against free radicals due to its high concentration of antioxidants.

Skin Cancer, Melanoma

Reduces the Itching and Burning Resulting from UV Therapy.

Immunotrax PP acts as a photoprotector against UV-induced skin phototoxicity and its damaging effects. The redness and burning sensation associated with erythema resulting from UV light therapy, and the pruritus (itching due to dry skin) can be greatly reduced when using Immunotrax Pigment Protection.

arms sunburned, skin burn