I was first diagnosed with psoriasis after my dad passed away and ever since, whenever I was in a stressful situation, the flare ups got worse progressively. After my divorce was particularly bad. About the only time i was able to not worry about it was while pregnant (for some reason it went away during pregnancy). It was embarrassing going on dates and being asked about my flaky elbows. I took immunotrax psoriasis relief for 4 months and to my amazement, it got rid of it completely!

A year later while working on a large event under a lot of stress, it came back. I now take it as a daily supplement to keep psoriasis at bay at all times. My recommendation to anyone that’s thinking of taking immunotrax is, dont stop the treatment just because you cant see it anymore, its in us hiding somewhere, waiting to be triggered again at a moments notice. Its much easier to just prevent it.

After my mom passed away, i was under a tremendous amount of stress and sorrow. I often showed signs of rashes in my skin when subjected to high amounts of stress. So, when weeks later i began to see small areas of discoloration in my hands, i didn’t pay much attention and assumed that eventually they’ll go away, the same way the rashes always went away.

But then i started seeing them appear in my eyelid, after a few weeks i also had them also in one of my armpits, my hips and genital area. I finally went to the dermatologist and i was told that unlike the rashes, this was never going to go away, if anything its gonna get worse.

I was told about Immunotrax by a friend who had been using it for eczema, and decided to try their Vitiligo product. Psychologically i was already feeling better after a week, i felt as if i was doing something about and not just waiting for it to get worse. Finally at the end of month 3 I noticed the areas affected in my abdomen were looking pinkish and not as white as before, a couple week later i could spot small dots of my normal skin color inside the white areas. I’m happy to say that much of it has gone away, my face and eyelids are back to normal and slowly but surely the rest is following suit. I could not be happier. Thank you!

I’ve been living with Psoriasis for almost 10 years, applying cortisol creams almost on a daily basis with varying results. Sometimes it helped, but when it didn’t, the itchiness was killing me. I decided to try Immunotrax a few months ago and i was incredibly relieved when the itchiness began to go away, that alone was well worth it. I was of course thrilled when my skin began to softened up and the redness to go away. Most my skin is now back to normal, but you can bet i will continue to use Immunotrax. Thank you!

It takes some time to work, but its well worth the wait. I strongly suggest also supplementing with a healthy gut diet, best combo to get rid of atopic dermatitis.

I’ve been in reemission for 15 months, enough said. Thanks guys!

I want to say thank you, the sun PMLE pills are incredible. This is the first summer I’m not itching or having to lather in lotion every couple hours. I’ll be ordering more soon for my upcoming trip to Vegas!

I wanted to say thank you so much, your product brought my confidence, my life back. Sincerely grateful!

I got shingles in my face a few months ago, when my wife recommended I should try Immunotrax Psoriasis Relief. It was quite painful at this point and so I was willing to try anything. I’m still not quite sure why medicine for psoriasis worked for my shingles (something to do with the immune system I’m sure) but in a matter just a couple weeks I noticed an improvement. I’m on my third month of taking immunotrax and my handsome face is back to normal.

En tan solo 6 meses de uso me quito las manchas de la cara y el cuello, cosa que el doctor me había dicho era incurable. Gracias millones!

Ya no le tengo pánico al estrés. Antes cuando sabia que venian finales en la universidad, lo que me preocupaba era cuanto pelo se me iba a caer. Cuando terminaba con un novio o pareja, lo primero que se me venia a la cabeza era “espero que el pelo se me caiga en una parte donde lo pueda cubrir”.

Desde que he estado tomando immunotrax ya el cabello no se me cae, de hecho estoy por cumplir 2 años desde el ultimo episodio que tuve de alopecia areata. Por eso, estoy muy agradecida y espero que pronto tengan distribuidores en venezuela!

Prior to using Immunotrax I was treating my Psoriasis with topical creams and Diprospan. The later helped for a while, I was free for a good two months before it came back. As the creams began to be less effective, i started taking Immunotrax and I’m happy to report that so far the results have been great, I’m about 80% psoriasis free and i hope to reach 100% in another month or two.

Solo quisiera haber sabido de ustedes hace mucho antes, me ha cambiado la vida. Muchas gracias!

Its been 6 months since i finished treatment on immunotrax, and 8 months since my psoriasis went away completely. I hope it doesn’t come back, but if it does – i have you bookmarked! Very satisfied, and recommend it highly!

A mi nieta le diagnosticaron vitiligo a los 5 años. A los 9 se le empezó a expander hacia la cara. Gracias a Dios y con la ayuda de ustedes, las manchas en la cara se le están desapareciendo en tan solo 4 meses de tratamiento.

I am 28 years old and have psoriasis since 16. I have tried all ointment treatments out there, sunbeds, drugs. I started taking psoriasis relief a month ago and I can honestly say my hands are 80% better at least, and my scalp is almost back to normal. Great product

I’m extremely satisfied with the results i have gotten with the product sun protection formula. Living in Florida makes it very difficult to avoid further exposure to the sun when you suffer from solar keratosis. Since taking immunotrax the skin in my arms has improved quite a bit, and my sons and nephews all noticed.

Estoy contentisimo de haber conseguido esta compañia y el producto para la psoriasis. La verdad es que tenia mis dudas porque yo siempre he sufrido mas de psoriasis artritica que en la piel, y a medida que pasa el tiempo interfiere mas con mis actividades diarias, incluyendo mi trabajo. Pero la vedad es que desde que empece el tratamiento con immunotrax los resultados son incuestionables. La inflamación en los dedos sobre todo en las mañanas ya casi ni la siento.

Some color is coming back, white patches are not getting bigger – and after years of trying all kinds of creams, nothing beats just taking a few pills.

I’ve been managing my psoriasis with a healthy diet, exercise and meditation for years with moderate level of success. After doing some research I purchased Immunotrax because i thought it could help minimize some of the flare ups. I can say I wasn’t expecting such fantastic results. Not only have i not had a flare up since taking immunotrax psoriasis relief, but the stiffness in my joints has also subside.

Toda mi vida desde que recuerdo he tenido dermatitis/psoriasis que va y viene. Poco a poco se había puesto peor, sobre todo en la cabeza donde no me puedo poner cremas para aliviar la comezón. El producto de ustedes me ha ayudado muchísimo, y a pesar de que lo empece a tomar para que me aliviara el cuero cabelludo, me ha quitado casi todo del cuerpo tambien.

At 14 I began noticing white spots in my knees and ankles, where my natural skin color began to fade. After a visit to the dermatologist, i was diagnosed with Vitiligo, to which the doctor said, there was no cure at the moment, but he still prescribed me with a cream. I was devastated to find out that, not only the spots wont go away, but they’ll get larger and cover more of my body.

In my relentless search online for something that might help, a glimmer of hope, i came across an ad for Immunotrax and decided to try it out. At first I only noticed that the white spots were not getting any bigger, and quite frankly, i would have been happy with just that.

But after 3 months, to my amazement… the white areas began to shrink. I am now 28 and i’m incredible grateful to Immunotrax and everyone that works there, for essentially rescuing me from one of my worse nightmares.

I got Vitiligo a year and a half ago, and within a few months of it starting, a family member told me about immunotrax. I’ve been taking it daily since and happy to report that it stopped the white patches on its tracks, and a few months later color started coming back. The sooner you start the better, most people cant even tell i had it.

Cleared my skin and scalp in just two months. Can’t say enough good things about it, its a must for everyone w/psoriasis.

I can’t thank you all enough for the fantastic support and information you provided at a moment when i didn’t i was ever going to find a solution. Almost all traces of psoriasis is gone in my arms, just a bit on my thighs. I’ll be ordering again soon. 

Living in London I never really had an issue with the sun as it seldom comes out.  I have family that lives in California and throughout the years I have been going there to visit more and more. I noticed that I started to get irritated by the sun a lot. My skin would get rashes and it would become very itchy and uncomfortable. Using creams was never an option for me as quite frankly it is just a pain to constantly have to reapply while out in public. I started to do some research and came across sun protection pills – which I had no idea existed. I decided to give immunotrax SP a try and it was truly a life saver! I don’t ever go away without it. Thank you!

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