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Protect your skin color

From the inside out!

For over 12 years Immunotrax has been providing a natural safe alternative to corticosteroids and other medication that affect your immune system.

Learn how the improved and more effective Pigment Protection Formula, takes a different approach to halt depigmentation and return color, that begins on the inside.

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What is Vitiligo?


Your skin gets its color from the pigment melanin. Melanin is produced by a group of cells called melanocytes, and its responsible for your skin, hair and even eye color.

If your body produces too much melanin, your skin gets darker; too little and your skin gets lighter.

If the melanocytes become damaged or unhealthy, it affects melanin production which can lead to discoloration of patches of skin or even the entire body.

Vitiligo is the most common autoimmune skin condition related to loss of pigmentation, where white patches of skin appear in the body, most commonly the hands, feet, arms, face and lips and other areas often exposed to the sun, though not exclusively.

In Vitiligo, the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks the melanocytes, damaging or completely destroying them, where they can no longer produce melanin.

Immunotrax Pigment Protection Pills are recommended specially for those people using UV treatment therapy.

A Vitiligo natural treatment unlike any other

Up until now, Vitiligo treatments relied on immune suppression,  antibiotics with anti-inflammatory properties, corticoid creams that can’t be applied to sensitive areas like the face, neck, armpit, and groin. None of them being a viable long term solution.

Immunotrax Pigment Protection has a new approach. 

Immunotrax Pigment Protection | Vitiligo Natural Treatment

You’re probably wondering, why a pill and not a lotion?

More than skin deep

Lotions often need to be applied at least twice a day to be effective, and dermal absorption depends on a number of factors such as the concentration of active ingredients, duration of exposure and the area where it was applied. For example, the forehead has a much faster rate of absorption than the hands and torso.

These limitations can lead to unknown dosage levels and inconsistency throughout.

Immunotrax PP provides a systemic natural vitiligo treatment that aims to modulate the immune system back to a healthy state.

Vitiligo by the numbers

Vitiligo affects about 1% of the population worldwide and occurs in all races and for both man and women equally. Vitiligo is most common in India, where a reported 9% of the population has it.

It is reported that Vitiligo symptoms begin to show before the age of 20 by 50% of all sufferers. That number goes up to 80% for symptoms showing before the age of 30.

About 20% of patients over20 years with vitiligo also develop Thyroid disease.

A vitiligo-like patch of white skin may occur in patients with metastatic melanoma. It can also be induced by certain drugs, such as immune checkpoint inhibitors and BRAF inhibitors commonly used to treat metastatic melanoma.

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How it works

Immunotrax Pigment Protection


Immunotrax Pigment Protection is a powerful blend designed to halt the continued discoloration of the skin due to Vitiligo, and aid re-pigmentation where possible. Protecting the health of melanocytes cells in your skin, allows your body to go back to its normal melanin production.

This is accomplished by supporting healthy T-cell and immune system activity while protecting sensitive skin from photodermatoses, pigmentation and discoloration due to sun exposure and/or harmful immune system imbalance.

Its rich antioxidant formula helps boost vitamin C absorption and protects your skin from UV exposure, while maintaining normal levels of T-cell and immune system activity, fostering an environment where normal pigmentation/re-pigmentation of the skin can occur.

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It takes some time to work, but its well worth the wait.

Martin, PE

A mi nieta le diagnosticaron vitiligo a los 5 años. A los 9 se le empezó a expander hacia la cara. Gracias a Dios y con la ayuda de ustedes, las manchas en la cara se le están desapareciendo en tan solo 4 meses de tratamiento.

Noris, MX

En tan solo 6 meses de uso me quito las manchas de la cara y el cuello, cosa que el doctor me había dicho era incurable. Gracias millones!

Kriss O, UR

Solo quisiera haber sabido de ustedes hace mucho antes, me ha cambiado la vida. Muchas gracias!

Tomas, FL

Some color is coming back, white patches are not getting bigger – and after years of trying all kinds of creams, nothing beats just taking a few pills.

Gerard, MD

I got Vitiligo a year and a half ago, and within a few months of it starting, a family member told me about immunotrax. I’ve been taking it daily since and happy to report that it stopped the white patches on its tracks, and a few months later color started coming back. The sooner you start the better, most people cant even tell i had it.

Andres, FL

Now you know, so don’t wait.

Immunotrax Pigment Protection ingredients accumulate in your system over time, so the effectiveness increases the longer you use it, allowing for greater efficacy.